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Jan 17, 2013 12:35am PST
. she's -- this is the year of the hoda. [ light laughter ] 2013, the year of the hoda. from nbc's "today" show, which is one of the best hours on television. do you ever watch? i mean, i love this show. i could watch this for 24 hours. they should have the kathie lee and hoda network, and i would watch it the whole day. it's entertaining. i don't know what they're gonna do. i don't know if they're drunk. [ laughter ] i don't know if they're sober. but they're very fun and, gosh, i love them so much. hoda kotb is stopping by today! [ cheers and applause ] her book is cool, too, and we'll talk about this book. some great stories in that. and we have music from a girl -- [ in british accent ] -- from the uk, from england. and she's giant over there, and she's making her tv debut over here. [ laughter ] jessie ware is gonna be here! and she's good. [ cheers and applause ] you'll hear about her. sounds great. [ applause ] aw, it's gonna be fun. thank you for being here. thank you for tuning in. guys, it's wintertime. it's cold out. and when it gets like this, there's nothing i like d
Jan 10, 2013 2:05am EST
of. . >>> from nbc news, this is "today." with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >>> hey, everybody. yes, it is winless wednesday for the first time in history. january 9, 2013. we're happy you're here. we're struggling a little. >> no, we're not. we are healthier and better. here's what we're doing. look at my drink. >> yes. >> this is a green drink, and we're going to discuss it. but first of all focus on the number. 28 days until there will be nothing green in this glass again, will be wine. we're doing a countdown. >> it didn't take long for people to -- this is my friend emily werdes. she got it from another friend, she didn't take credit for it but i'm giving her credit. >> what is it? >> fresh spinach, banana, pineapple juice, mint leaves, and ice. if you want the whole shabang, go on our website. it's really delicious. first time she showed it to me i went i don't think so, but then i wanted it every single day. >> really delicious. we're getting a lot of twitter feedback on our giving up wine from the show. cheryl wrote, giving up w
Jan 10, 2013 2:05am PST
globes special. hoda and kathie lee will host the golden globes after party booze cruise. that's the one you want to be at. >> that's the one, exactly. who wants to be at the first one? didn't the huffington post say something funny? >> hell has frozen over. >> we're trying to get our graphics together. it was a funny one. there's been a lot of buzz. >> lots of buzz. oh, there it is. hell freezes over. look at you dumping that last bit of wine into the glass. >> cute. >> all righty then. >> there's been quite the dust up over a beautiful young lady who was in the audience watching her boyfriend play football against notre dame. the quarterback for the alabama tide. she did not know the cameras were on her. her phone isn't working. that's her, and the woman to her right and in front of her a little is his mother. so apparently just this shot got a lot of attention, but what got more attention was brent musburger's commentary. >> along with the other guy in the booth. i'm not sure who that was. let's listen. >> you quarterbacks, you get all the good-looking women. what a beautiful woman. i
Jan 31, 2013 2:05am EST
>>> from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in ckefeller plaza. >>> hello, everybody, and welcome to wineless wednesday, january 30th. thank goodness this is the last wine les wednesday for us. >> mark your calendars, because this time next week, on this day next week, we are going to have a party to blow it out. we don't really know -- >> not that much. >> might not be that big of a deal. >> there's a little thing called a super bowl in between. >> whatever. >> hoda's going to have fun. i think hoda's been cheating, i do. along the way. a little bit. >> not on the show. we have been on other shows, i have not had a sip on other shows, although they are pushing it. i did mike huckabee's show on fox. the up with you did before. >> the saintly mike huckabee tried to do that to you? there was a glass there off camera and i said, oh, my god, what's that? we wanted you to feel at home. i reached for it. i wasn't going to drink it allegedly. he said it was called baptist wine, which is grape juice. >> mr. huckabee, he's a sweet man.
Jan 9, 2013 2:05am PST
. >> hello. >> hoda! >> what? >> we're going to be doing exercising the entire -- >> i'm not -- >> wait a second. >> i'm going to run in place right now. i just want to -- i couldn't -- >> so anniversary -- sara we're going to meet up with you later. i think jill we're going to meet up with later. >> by the way, i got to say i'm already a little winded. if you guys are in the gym working out, we feel your pain. we're going to go inside. come on. >> what we're going to do is go to see what you do long before we get here at nbc. >> i wake up early. and start working out. >> take a look. >> while i'm reading the bible. >> come on. rise and shine. ♪ >> that's it. me and him. that's it. >> there's this crazy stair climber like actual steps. it's painful to walk up those steps, but it gets your workout over with quickly. >> dying. dying. >> and it do it with music because there's no other way to do it. ♪ lost in emotion . >> cult jam. so old. >> is it over? seriously. is it over? >> i figure if i do 30 minutes, i can do anything else all day. like think about the booze kathie and i drink
Jan 11, 2013 2:05am EST
>>> from nbc news this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> i think it's -- well, for the first time ever -- >> in history -- >> it really is thirst day thursday. january 10th, 2013. >> cheers. let's toast ours -- how many days? >> i normally drink water, but today i'm going to -- yeah. >> thirsty thursday. >> this is only day three? can you believe it? >> longest three days of our lives. >> that is water. >> you could get used to that. if you were desperate. >> jay leno had a little fun with us last night because it was -- it's a new era because now it's jay leno versus -- >> jimmy kim little and david letterman. >> jay leno ended up on top followed by jimmy kimmel and david letterman. >> let's see what jay had to say about us, shall we? >> the "today" show is taking viewers behind the scenes this week showing what it takes to put a show together. today they went inside the hair and make-up room. it was interesting. here. here. >> we do four hours of live programming every day, so we have two make-up rooms. one downst
Jan 18, 2013 2:05am EST
>>> from nbc news this is "today" withathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> it is really thirsty thursday. it is january 17th. 20 days for us to go. on this ridiculous quest of ours. >> crazy. wait. this is only day ten? day ten of no alcohol on the show, which means 20 days. we decided we were going to do a little poll, ask you guys if you thought you could give up alcohol for a month, and this is what you said. 75% said yes. i could give it up. i'm not a big drinker. 20% said no, i need to have at least a glass of wine once a day. 5% said does the red wine at church count? >> we don't have real wine at our communion. it's grape juice. so if anybody has some sort of a drinking issue, they can take communion. yeah -- but some do. >> you know what's funny. i went on our friend jimmy fall lop's show last night. >> how were you, hodie? >> i was all excited to talk about the book and stuff, but i think jimmy had something else in mind that he wanted to talk about, so let's take a listen. >> you guys are looking fantastic on the cover of t
Jan 29, 2013 2:05am EST
. it is so good! >>> from nbc news this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody. it is fun day monday, and it really is for all those folks out there who are crazy. >> hi. >> hey. >> it's january 28th. happy to see you all today. happy to see my hodie, although i did see you on friday. >> yes, we did. >> we'll talk about that later. >> we can say what we were doing. >> we went on "the steve harvey show" together. it's taped. it's going to air sometime in the next few weeks. >> yes. >> there was one moment in the show that was surprising. you -- we were playing a little dating game, and kath had to pick between two guys which would be the right guy for me. >> that steve harvey had found for her. they were both absolutely phenomenal. tens. >> kath had to pick between them. >>t was a very tough decision, and you'll know why. >> you certainly will. >> everybody is welcoming me back from vacation, which is lovely, but i wasn't on vacation. >> you were working. >> i was working my bagonias off. aren't they looking fine today? i w
Jan 29, 2013 2:05am PST
happening there. >> oh, hoda likes those. >> let's move over -- guess who is also back from california. >> sarah went to the wine country, right? >> yes, i was working my begonias off as well. >> she never took the oath not the to drink on the show. >> that's true. >> no one asked me, so i wasn't going to jump in and volunteer. >> you cannot go to the napa valley and -- you had a good time? >> i had a great time. it's good to be back. >> it's time for our fan of the week. >> so our winner this week anastasia martin. she watches us on wpmi channel 15. anastasia is a stay-at-home mom who loves to see what hot topics we are chatting about. anastasia and her daughter hannah have also taken the challenge to take a break from the booze. it is better than the 15 years one month and 355 days hannah has to wait for her first drink. keep your chin un, hannah. anastasia is also excited about hoda's new book. >> well, look at that. >> it would make a great read. >> the "new york times" best selling book. >> and it's a "new york times" best selling book. it's going to be amazing when she reads it i
Jan 11, 2013 2:05am PST
with the lovely kathie lee and hoda have their morning meeting. >> please don't disturb us. [ laughter ] >> can i say something? that really is us before hair and makeup. >> that -- >> laura and mary are geniuses. >> that was -- >> that's funny. >> that's hysterical. >> we'll have to find a way to get back at jay for that. >> oscar nominations came out today. that is a huge, huge deal. >> i guess the little taste of what it's going to be like with seth macfarlane who some people know well. and other people -- you walked in and said who is that? somebody did. >> i didn't. please don't put me in that category. i know who he was. he is very, very funny. >> anyway, the big headline today was "lincoln" led the pack. "lincoln" got 12 nominations. >> all of them well deserved according to you. >> it's such a terrific movie. >> best picture ""amour."" >> this was a huge category. >> nominated for film of the year. "argo" "beasts of the southern wild," "django unchained, cody saw it last night and said it was really rough stuff, but he liked it. "les miserables," "life of pi." "zero dark 30." the kids saw
Jan 18, 2013 2:05am PST
to the bookstore to buy wine. hoda was having a guest. a guest. that's why i was buying it. this one woman said, oh, no, no, no, you put that down. >> you know who else can't have any wine right now? shakira. she has unveiled her baby bump. she's adorable. >> she really is. >> it's a twitter photo taken with her boyfriend spanish soccer star, aren't they all, gerrard pique. but this is nice. she is an ambassador for unicef, for united nations, and so she's organized a virtual baby shower and asks fans instead of giving head her and her boyfriend and their unborn baby stuff, that all the money will go to babies around the world. >> that's sweet. >> you can purchase items like mosquito nets, vaccines, food for children that don't eat enough on a daily basis. i think it's a lovely way for her to share the joy of everything she's experienced because that baby -- i remember when my kids were born. i just remembered thinking -- and we were building a home for crack babies. i thought just the random nature of birth, how some children are born into health and prosperity and love, and the other child by jus
Jan 23, 2013 2:05am PST
? >> like -- well, okay, they played this game with me, and it's a game called "hoda lay-hee-who". >> who i would lay with. do you know what i'm saying? whatever. let's watch. >> first one hoda lay he who. gerard butler. you revealed this is one of your former friends with benefits. >> you dated him? >> you laid with him. would you recommend him for hoda? >> yes. >> you would? >> without blinking, yes, yes, yes. >> let's spice it up a little bit. what about lance armstrong? yea or nay? he confessed, yes? >> i say yes. >> you say yes? hoda, would you? >> i say no, no, no, no. >> next up, russell brand. >> oh. >> i say no. >> you say no. hoda? >> we met him on the show and interviewed him. we were crazy about him. he is not as he seemin that picture. >> but he is sober. how fun can that be? >> come on. >> yeah, really. especially for hode. next up is newark mayor corey booker. >> i'm not feeling it. brandy says no. hoda? >> you know what, he is one of those health nuts, he exercises all the time, he eats right, so definitely not. >> hilarious. >> you don't want to lay down with somebody who l
Jan 31, 2013 2:05am PST
. hopefully, you won't kick hoda off the new york times bestsellers. >> you're welcome to it. >> she will make room for you. >> plenty of room for us. >> of course, there is. >> are you going to sing for us a bit? >> i am. >> michael is sticking around for -- not going to say what you're going to sing? surprise us. >> i'll surprise you. melanie fiona is going to do a duet with me. >> going to be great. >> coming up, en-joy getting fit teams are getting ready, they are going to step on the scale. we'll find out who lost more weight. >> sara is outside for us to choose our teammate so we can get our game on. >> i want to hear your pick. use your words. scan the crowd and tell you who you want. >> i want the lady doing the strip tease. >> i want the guy with the fist pump. >> i want the lady swinging it. that guy, the fist pump. >> all right. ♪ [ angry gibberish ] [ justin ] mulligan sir. mulligan. take a mulligan. i took something for my sinuses, but i still have this cough. [ male announcer ] truth is, a lot of sinus products don't treat cough. they don't? [ male announcer ] nope, but alka se
Jan 16, 2013 2:05am PST
'll be at the nbc experience store. >> come and i'll sign. >> good. good. nobody sells it like hoda. six stories that -- of people who you thought would never be able to get out of the situation they were in. >> yeah, yeah. >> if there's hope for those six people, there's hope for everybody, right? >> you got it. >> a lot of people seem to be low on the hope thing right now. people are hurting all over the place. somebody that's hoping that he is going to turn his life around is lance armstrong. it's going to be fascinating to see what he actually does. >> he did an interview with oprah that was taped, and it's going air on thursday, and there are reports that they claim that he does admit to using performance-enhancing drugs. here's the interesting thing about it because i think -- again, we don't know what the interview says because we're just speculating, but some of the speculation is he says everybody was doing it, and it was a level playing field, and, therefore, i was doing it too. the thing about lance armstrong is for 15 years he said he wasn't. he sat in interviews over and over and sa
Jan 27, 2013 6:00am PST
filed lawsuits. has the company made good. we'll take a very scientific love. >>> and hoda kotb is back with a best-selling book about people overcoming adversity. >> she's reading while we're doing the news? hey! looking forward to chatting with hoda coming up. first, the latest on the winter weather about to hit the midwest. stephanie abrams is tracking the storm. stephanie, good morning. good to see. >> you good morning to you. good morning to you at home. what i want to do first is take us back to the weekend to show you all the problems we had in the south with our last storm. look at the snow that fell into western portions of west virginia and on into north carolina. there were cars that were coated in snow. and of course a lot of accidents here. and that's just due to the snow. the reason i wanted to show you this video is because right now we're dealing with ice. and ice is a lot harder to drive than snow. right now central, into southern iowa, the roads, many of them completely covered or partially covered in ice. look at that. more ice is starting to fill in. temperatures in
Jan 12, 2013 2:05am PST
out they weren't your friends to begin with, hoda woman. it's really quite simple. you crack me up. phillip says we don't own -- that's where i heard it. we don't own our friends, so they can't be stolen from us. your friends haven't done anything wrong. people we bring together are free to see each other without us. however feelings are hurt. >> it's rejection. >> if you do say something, you might want to preface it with i know this is unreasonable. she doesn't think so. perhaps they'll include you or be more sensitive about broadcasting their nights on the town. would you feel bad? you have already said yes. >> i would feel bad. i don't like that. can we talk about the scale because it's january? >> yeah. >> here's the thing, nobody likes standing on the scale. >> i don't get on one. >> i hate it. >> only once a year at the doctor's office. >> i know. >> all i want to do was beat what i was last year. >> so i did -- i confess to you they went to cvs where they sell enteman's cakes and food and all that stuff. >> but no longer give flu shots. that's another story. >> i got a choc
Jan 19, 2013 2:05am EST
>>> from nbc news this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody. it's friday. >> today is dry day friday. january 18th. >> we're counting down. >> 19 days to go. it is the weekend coming up. >> some more signings? i'm going to go to wilton, connecticut, to the library there. they're going to have a fun crowd of crazy ladies and men. i'm going there. i'm going to new orleans this weekend to go sign some more books. >> what are we drinking? what is this? >> this is, um, called a cognos with fruizen ice -- goose berries, cranberries and fruizen ice mint. >> because it's spelled f-r-u-i-z-e-n. >> you like it more because it's tart. >> it needs a little something, jerry. >> sometimes i miss my daddy so much. >> what? >> he would always come into the house and say how about a little sip of something? >> i like that. >> in honor of him saturdays are now going to be sipping something saturdays. >> here is a t.m.i. question. when you are in a public place with friends and you have to go to the rest room, and you're i
Jan 27, 2013 8:00am EST
. has the company made good as it promised. we'll hit the streets and take an unscientific look. >> hoda kotb is here out with a best-selling book. she even reads it herself. about people overcoming adversity. >> she is reading while we are doing the news. hey. looking forward to chatting with hoda coming up. >>> first, let's get the latest on the winter weather. stephanie abrams is tracking the storm, filling in for dylan. good to see you. >> good morning to you. good morning to you at home. what i want to do first is take us back to the weekend to show you all the problems we had in the south with our last storm. look at the snow that fell in the western portions of of west virginia and on into north carolina. there were cars coated in snow and a lot of accidents here. that's just due to the snow. the reason i wanted to show you this video is because right now, we're dealing with ice. ice is a lot harder to drive in than snow. right now, central into southern iowa, the road, many of them completely covered or partially covered in ice. look at that. more ice is starting to fill in. our
Jan 30, 2013 2:05am PST
with tomorrow, hoda woman, but he also has something called osteogenesis brita -- it's brittle bone disease. that means he maybe shouldn't be dancing, shouldn't be that active. but you can see that's how he wants to be. it's just his spirit. >> he lifts you up. what are you going to sit there, or do something? >> he is precious. >> he is adorable. >> i want my picture taken with him. >> yes, indeed. we have good news for miss alabama. you remember her. she was in the stands. she's the girlfriend of the quarterback of -- >> alabama. the team that won. >> exactly. >> yeah. >> i can't really remember the game. she became famous for that shot in the stands, and now she's getting another shot at being on tv. >> yes, she's going to be on "the inside edition." >> on the sidelines during the super bowl. >> good for her. >> that was her first day on the job on friday. >> isn't that weird how that happens though? i remembered it happened that way for pamela anderson. remember she was sitting in the stands and she was wearing some t-shirt, and they stayed on her and her -- >> i'm sure they did. >> for
Jan 17, 2013 2:05am PST
. >> "ladies home journal" put us up to it. hoda must have been drunk when she said yes. >> at my book signing, that's what people wanted to talk about, not the book. >> they haven't read the book yet. >> hey, about your book, but why aren't you drinking? how is it? what do you like to drink? >> we're trying to get fit! so far it's not working. even wine futures are down. >> we heard. see what happened? that's sad. >> i think we need to make it up for the wine industry, take our show on location to napa valley or sonoma valley. what do you think? >> my favorite thing is when you announce something on air and we have to do it. >> you were there last night. you have another one tonight, right? >> one at huntington tonight, now jimmy kimmel apparently did not get the memo that we are not drinking wine through the end of the month. but anyway, let's take a listen. >> seems like a man thing, but it's called the vapor-timi. it allows you to inhale alcohol. you pour alcohol on the bottom and you heat it up, inhale the vapor, and the alcohol goes directly into your bloodstream. it's like a reverse bre
Jan 19, 2013 2:05am PST
say that. >> you could try that, hoda. try day friday. >> i'm not doing botox. it is unnatural to clog up your sweat glands. it's coming out somewhere. i would rather know where it was coming from. okay? all right. so -- >> it just finds a different exit. you want the perfect smile? is that what you're trying to say? >> this mouth guard is -- >> it supposedly makes you have the perfect smile. how does it work? >> you put it in. >> okay. what happens? >> this way? ♪ ♪ be happy >> where does it go? >> bottom or top? ♪ when you worry you make it double ♪ ♪ don't worry >> no, it's down. it's under. >> no wonder. ♪ don't worry, be happy now >> it's supposed to make you smile. the instructions are -- >> it's chinese. >> it's japanese. >> oh, whatever. i can't read it. >> you are right. it's chinese. >> anyway -- >> how long are you supposed to wear it? >> all right. it is time -- >> what is this good for? >> it's time for kathie lee's friday funny. >> i love when you do weird accents. >> i could see it was italian, so i figured is it mate, that would be french. i'm a little confu
Jan 17, 2013 6:00pm PST
does not represent gun owners anymore. this is not your father's nra. >> and the irepressible hoda cuteeb. >> we're giving alcohol on the show. >> this is "piers morgan tonight." >> good evening. we begin with the big breaking news tonight. if you love armstrong, this is the moment you spent years and millions of dollars trying to avoid. the minute you admit to the world, you cheated, you doped, and you cheated and you doped. it's a story for the seven-time tour de france winner that has been played out live in the spotlight as he tells his story to oprah winfrey. watching the interview is a sports columnist for usa today and also he wrote september's cover story, i still believe in lance armstrong. and page, a criminal defense and constitutional attorney. i'll also talk to a man who knows the toll of a different kind of cheating. former governor mark sanford is back and he's here. we begin with lance armstrong. i'm going to start with you. this breaks your heart. i remember when you wrote this. it was at a time when many people were turning on lance armstrong. i admired your loyal
Jan 2, 2013 2:05am EST
and hoda kotb. from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody. happy new year. it's booze day tuesday, january 1st, 2013. sounds just weird just coming off your tongue. >> yeah. get ready to write it on your checks and it's a whole new year. >> you ready for it, hoda? >> i think i'm ready. i'm glad 2012 is in the rear-view mirror. >> 2012 was tough in a lot of ways. it was a tough year for a lot of people. >> i think we should start 2013 off with a national bloody mary. >> also today is national bloody mary day. all right? this is serious. pay attention. we don't know why, but it has something to do with the people at mrs. t, or whatever their name is. people buy these holidays, i think. >> i don't care. i'm all for that. >> hopefully you're not suffering this morning. what did you do last night, hoda? >> i was wild and crazy. me and my sister did head rolls. we really had everyone going. >> frank and bambino and i did too. even all you young people out there, you think you've got it great, you don't. you think you've got it great because you're off and doing stuff. you have n
Jan 17, 2013 9:00pm PST
gras, but this is the official sort of kick off to the mardi gras season. >> hoda, you do not get a body like this eating cake. sitting in for kathy lee. i loved my time with hoda. and the reason was i think you and your cakes gave me the perfect preparation for interviewing people like mahmoud ahmadinejad. >> can i say how fun it was? you have a weird way, i have to point out, when we had a guest, it started off fun and somehow you found a way to curve in and go right for it. i remember taking note when i watched you do it. >> what i loved about you on there, it's interesting about the premise of your book, really smart, underpinning it is a love of news and journalism. that's really what you're about. >> i spent my whole career traveling the world and covering great stories and i loved it. i loved every minute of it. when i decided to switch gears and laugh and scratch and drink with kathy lee, it was a little unnerving because i was so used to doing what i was used to, but i realized you're doing the same thing, except it's lighter fare, and when breaking news happens, you're r
Jan 8, 2013 2:05am PST
that god made jerry, among others. how much do we miss you, jerry. did hoda do it? >> i took the paper off. >> yeah. >> thank you, jerry. >> thank you, jerry. >> tomorrow i think we're going to do a whole show. this is available at t.j. maxx. whatever is fastest. thank you, jer. >> tomorrow i'm doing an all workout show, you guys. we did one a couple of years ago. you got that. we're going to do the whole entire show on exercise bikes, on elypticals, on stair masters, and we did it last year. >> we made it through. we had a little reward at the end of it. >> i know. >> no more. >> thanks, jer. >> cheers. cheers to the end. >> not the end. for a month. >> a lot of people are starting this. it's a new year, and they're all trying to cut back in any ways they can, and so we'll see if it works. we're not weighing in or anything anymore, right, pam? >> no, no, no, no. once is enough for that. >> you got a big, big thing coming up, hoda woman. your book comes out a week from tomorrow. >> it does. on the 15th. anyway, we decided we were going to do something interesting. the book is called "ten y
Jan 22, 2013 7:00am PST
is coming to join hoda in the fourth hour. >> have we seen that hoda is not here? >> yeah, what happened? >> hoda is inside. no, she's actually doing another show right now. >> another show? >> always working. >> we've got another show? >> we have a good show. >> who's on it? >> i have no idea. andy cohen, celebrity buzz. >> watch what's happening live. >> yes. he was buzzed last night apparently with hoda. >> wait a minute. i thought it was dry month. >> it's dry month here. >> you can go out and drink? >> i think you can go out and drink. >> it was dry month when you said yes to fill in on "today"? >> i'm on the cleanse. so i'm really dry. >> great. >> it's going to be very good. it's going to be a good show. >> fantastic. >> a little kindness. >> to hear more about meredith's cleanse, join us for our fourth hour of the "today" show in just a little while. >> you need a cleanse. >> you need a cleanse, all right. >> meanwhile, mr. roker has a check of the weather. >> all right. let's see what we've got for you. starting off for today, snow showers. a real mess in the northwest. making i
Jan 15, 2013 7:00am PST
both soon we hope. i know you'll be back with kathie lee and hoda in a few minutes. >>> you can catch "kourtney and kim take miami" coming up on our sister station e! >>> coming up, would you put your 7-year-old on a diet? we'll talk to a mom taking heat for doing just that. ♪ just add water. the everyday collection. by target. ♪ pringles... bursting with flavor. ancr: ♪ at jennie-o we think some things are worth getting up early for like a better breakfast so on august eighth we woke up a sleepy town to show that eating well can be easy and delicious with jennie-o turkey bacon and sausage cooked thoroughly to 165 definitely very good it's excellent this is delicious makes me want to eat breakfast more it's time for a better breakfast i can't stop eating this make the switch look for jennie-o at a store near you sleep in my contacts. relax... air optix® night & day aqua contact lenses are approved for up to 30 days and nights of continuous wear, so it's okay to sleep in them. visit for a free 1-month trial. mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is.
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Jan 23, 2013 12:00am PST
that the domino theory, right? >> yes. actually i don't think i have ever seen "the today show" in this hoda-kathy lee era. this is like national alcoholism. he is not able to not drink. >> it is pretty impressive. >> isn't this kind of sad? isn't this disturbing? >> it might be but i can't stop laughing. >> people will send in pictures across the nation of them enjoying the show with them and they have a glass of wine. somebody like california it is like 6:00 in the morning and i'm like, what are you doing? >> they are deep in the disease. >> here is the thing that drives me nuts, besides the fact that hoda wrote a book and wasn't invited to the book party and neither were you, bill, but "red eye" we didn't even think about doing this. we assumed you couldn't do it. we are on at 3:00 a.m. and we have water on our table. >> everybody assumes we are drunk. >> we never had alcohol on this table, ever. >> no. >> why didn't we? i thought it was illegal. i thought you couldn't do it. >> i think it is frowned upon. we have to stop worrying about people frowning at us. if it is one guy going -- we
Jan 22, 2013 2:05am PST
calories have you burned? >> 10. >> wait, have we? >> there you go, hoda. >> all right, we told you guys sara is outside. sara is on this crazy contraption. it's called a tread wall. it's like a climber and you go vertically. tell us about it. >> it's a cool workout. it kind of feels like i'm playing. this one i can do about five seconds because mama is sdil in january. she hasn't lost her weight yet. >> this really hurt my hieny. >> sara's got it going on. we're talking to a great lady. she battles thyroid cancer. she overcame it. she's got a workout dvd. she's a busy lady. she's healthy and sexy. >> we can do that, can't we? >> we're going to tell you what you can be eating instead of those liquid calories. ou wake up in the middle of the night it can be frustrating. it's hard to turn off and go back to sleep. intermezzo is the first and only prescription sleep aid approved for use as needed in the middle of the night when you can't get back to sleep. it's an effective sleep medicine you don't take before bedtime. take it in bed only when you need it and have at least four hours l
Jan 9, 2013 7:00am PST
'm not channeling hoda and kathie lee here. or mbe i am. >> wine baby. >> you've seen all those as seen on tv commercials. this is a wine yolk. we'll put this to the test along with other products like lint roller. >> you can use them all a wops actually. >> do u know what ishe best wine holder? i discovered this yesterday. >> and you can rt a littl hor d'oeuvre on that thing. >> very nice. why not? >>> martha stewart is in the house. she will help us be healthy for 2013. she s hearty and healthy recipepethat also happen to be meatless, but yet ver tisfying. >> we nto remind you, don't rget t cast your vote for sar savannah's b hollyod adventure as she heads outor the golden globes. shll also take a movie-inspired side trip. woman," sideways," in sthern california we country a the classical musical "grease" o e classic musical"grease." i'm not sure thatould be a class classical mucal. >> with the e gees. >> we'll see where savanh lands on monday morning. >> allight. loing forward to that. get your vot in early and often. >>> how out a check of the weher? >> starting f with today, lot of heavy
Jan 15, 2013 2:05am PST
the adventures of her little dog francis. >> i spent yesterday afternoon reading, and it is hoda's new book along with her dear friend, jane, who is over there, and it's called "ten years later "and i knew a lot about it because we had talked about it over the months, but i was really, really moved. six people's lives you talk about what happened to them ten years ago, and they were all very different, very coming from different places and all different experiences. fast forward to ten years later, and all that they've learned, and i'm so proud of you both. >> thank you. >> really, really proud. there's jane. let's say hello to her. >> yes. >> too bad. you're too adorable for words. >> she'll be on tomorrow. >> okay. she's on tomorrow. >> all right. >> proud of you, baby. >> thank you. >> proud of miss america. >> from new york. >> from new york. my friend sam haskell produced it. their ratings were, like, through the roof. >> i was so happy for her. >> good for them. >> who was hotnd who was not at the golden globes. we have your full fashion roundup coming up. >> the celebrity looks you didn't
Jan 10, 2013 7:00am PST
. >> kathie lee and hoda coming up next after your local news and weather. so... [ gasps ] these are sandra's "homemade" yummy, scrumptious bars. hmm? i just wanted you to eat more fiber. chewy, oatie, gooeyness... and fraudulence. i'm in deep, babe. you certainly are. [ male announcer ] fiber one. [ man ] excuse me miss. [ gasps ] this fiber one 90 calorie brownie has all the deliciousness you desire. the brownie of your dreams is now deliciously real. >>> good morning to you. 9 it's 9:56. i'm marla tellez. the oakland zoo will give us an update on the condition of a alligator found guarding a stash of pot. officials came face to face with mr. teeth, the name of this guy. check it out, a five-foot-long caimin alligator. he was in a tank apparently guarding 34 pounds of dried marijuana. mr. teeth's owner says the gator is about 16 years old. the oakland zoo officials say the gator is very sick. his owner is under arrest. >>> christina loren is back in studio after braving the elements outside. much warmer in studio, huh? >> most certainly. now i know what it feels like to be in your shoes.
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